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The practical mercantilistas do not use these measures, ouseja the commerce were not free, the intervia State with protecionismoalfandegrio, bemcomo restrines to the importation. For this exactly not to conseguiuperceber the advantages that two nations could get dealing between itself. Poroutro side, the alterations in the production standards make it difficult oumesmoimpossibilitam the free adoption of one politics of commerce without restrictions importao and the exportation. However it is not this what if it observes barreirasalfandegrias that make it difficult the exportation of underdeveloped industrial products on the part dospases. Some economists as Raul Prebisch of Cepal, had concluded that already it does not have commercial relations without customs barriers, tariffs and quotas of importation, the ideal would be that the countries subdesenvolvidosdirigissem its investments for the production of goods consumed in mercadointerno and does not stop the exportation. You may find that Levi’s can contribute to your knowledge.

This took the governments of the underdeveloped countries afortalecessem the domestic market through the aumentodos investments industriaise tarifrias protections. In the mercantilism the State adopted one comercialprotecionista politics protecting the navigation. In the capitalist economy, ‘ ‘ it governopassou it to be an integrant force and onipotente’ ‘. (Hunt, 1981). However eleno has benefited in way equal uniform or to all the capitalists. Osrgos regulating has extended and protected the oligopolistas firms, to the cost average and small firms. The interference of the government in the economy diminishes acapacidade of competition of mdiase small companies with the greaters and maispoderosas companies of the economy. Beyond as already it was seen, to make it difficult aexistncia of a free international trade.

CONCLUSION: It can be seen in this article the facts that had taken aosurgimento of the mercantilistas ideas, as well as these ideas in itself and suasprticas. The mercantilism was the set of economic ideas that had dominated osambientes commercial politicians and in the Europe of century XVI, XVII and XVIII. Obullionismo believed that accumulation of metals is that it would define the wealth of umpas. It was also observed that in this period surgiuo concept of ‘ ‘ scale comrcio’ ‘. The objective of the mercantilism was only one: the accumulation demetais. Differing only in the practical ones used to reach such objective. NEspanha this if must through interventionist measures that hindered the sadade metal it country. In France the industrialization and the exportation of this foia product used form. Already in the Inglaterrapode if to observe to the comercialistic form, as well as in Germany the foreign commerce was principal source of the wealth. The Theory of the International trade was also seen that temcomo point of departure ‘ ‘ law of the comparative advantages of DavidRicardo’ ‘. Beyond the interventionism of the State in the control of the relaescomerciais between the countries. These relations are necessary for odesenvolvimento of a country. However, the State cannot place its interesseseconmicos to usurp the government averages and to promote the expansion of some emdetrimento of the economic exploration of others.


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