Firstly the law is present in all epochs of our life as a person and even before birth and after death. As daily acts as walk on the sidewalk, make a purchase in a store, make a stop in a semaphore, enrol in an educational center, have emotional or sentimental relations etc, etc, have all something to do, at least very indirectly with the legal. Let’s set up our attention in the given examples to conclude that in all of them we can require some (s) other (s) person (s), behavior or conduct, and in turn may require from us a behavior or conduct. But these demands can be made is required for, obviously, the existence of a set of rules or standards under which given some facts or budgets in fact born able to claim or be subject to a claim. And in all this plays vital role La Libertad. Freedom as the essence of the human, immanent to man, conduct linked him inexorably, but above all, backed, guaranteed, protected and encouraged by the legal system itself. This freedom, considered as the willpower to self-determine, given a few conditions. But the law not only guarantees and protects it but relies on it to be able to exist.

Without that power of the will to choose the path of his act, to choose between something good or something bad, between what is permitted and prohibited, the right would be totally different, it would not exist as we conceive of it today. In other words would become both as well as a set of rules being that he would only describe the natural world or human performance. But the guarantee and protect our freedom, and to rely on her to prescribe appropriate behaviour, the right acquires the real magnitude of social regulator and single determinant. The foregoing by clarifying that the rules governing these behaviors may be not only of a legal nature.