On teaching and learning I present some reflections that can contribute for effective changes in the didactics of the professor and the learning of the pupil. The paradigm that we face is of the modernity that sees the man as a fragmented being. In medicine we have specialist for each partedo our body, minor that is it will have doctor prescribing remedy, that also serves for other parts of our body, and that it promises to decide the problem that appeared, exactly if not knowing the reason of this problem. This patient is not heard in its all. But the complaint on specific aregio of the body is heard.

The reasons that had caused the problem are disrespected. Still we are ahead of the wild capitalism and are led by the American culture that breaches dialogues and apply remedies of fast effect. The doctor does not want to hear the patient, wants to medicate it. It is the race that makes with that one runs over the other. Making a parallel to the education, the professors finish giving only ' ' remdio' ' that he will serve for the group all, menosprezando the individualities, the differences. Walking of each one.

They receive the children as if its heads were empty and need to be filled by knowing of the professor. later tests the pupils to know how much they had been capable to absorb of this to know. How to receive an only reply from the group? If each reply it has a history, a luggage, why to want that all the pupils are as robots giving equal answers? the learning problems that appear, as are treated? Still if it finds that the problem is of the pupil, either organic, as at the beginning thought of the research on the learning difficulties, either for incompetence, as is thought currently for many professionals.