I would like to read but do not want to read. For its own inefficiency, the vast majority of people “want” to read more, because they recognize the immense benefits it would bring, both academically and professionally and in their personal and spiritual development. But the reality is that “do not want to read.” But, like that “would” win the jackpot, but “do not buy lottery”, the reader moves from inefficient not “want.”

Reader efficiencies can anticipate that I will describe to the reader efficient as the opposite of what I said and for the inefficient. Of course, but I, too, to tell you how you can go from being an inefficient to an efficient reader and conquer, finally, that limitation in your personal and professional development. As a first step to becoming an efficient reader, one must understand correctly the process of reading and reading the difference between the slow, traditional, and fast reading and understanding.

Requirements for efficient reading requires efficient reading: 1. Fast. You can not concentrate properly if you read slowly and consignments. The speed and fluency in reading is essential to improve the level of understanding. Get out of your head the idea, so widespread, that to better understand you have to read slowly, carefully. To read more have to read fluently, so that the ideas reflected in our thinking and we can assimilate. 2. Goals. The efficient reader define their needs and goals with the first reading and read later.