. In these previous definitions of concepts to approach violence against women has come from existing discrimination because of sexist attitudes, these attitudes borne by the family, the school and society in general. Half the population is female, and if you want to achieve a just world where all people are equal, you should start by raising awareness throughout society about this problem and provide the means to eradicate these prejudices. And one way that can best influence the change of mind is education. If you make a more just society, will prevent violence against women so much damage is caused, showing an unequal society. Violence against women seek to dominate and subdue the women, revoke the interpersonal level, fractured his identity and personality.

The tactics of exerting such violence are varied and can be progressive attitudes of isolation, restriction of behavior, personal devaluation, assault verbal denial of emotions, such as sexual assault, physical assault, coercion, manipulation of children, etc. This violence is closely linked to gender differences in status and power between men and women and tends to legitimize. Violence against women is independent of economic status of the couple, ie occurs in both classes with high purchasing power or a low level and it depends on age. Today nobody doubts the existence of cultural patterns related to gender education, which are at the root of male violence. It is said that parents abusers, children also tend to be abusers, is known as the intergenerational transmission of abuse.