Second international world during the medieval browser game Holy was opened! This world was quite different than the previous already gave numerous worlds, which was holy, because it was an international and thus also multi-speaking world. This world was been adapted by GameArt Studio programmers in the user interface so that each player can choose the language of its user interface and also the language of the free Shoutbox itself and also easily change. Thus, the team by GameArt Studio wanted to remind on the basic idea of all browser games, namely the common play browser games with people from around the world. Among the players the new world arrived very well so well that GameArt Studio has decided to pay for a new international world players and today this world has been opened! Who want to so to the first and from the outset with want to be who should himself was soon in the new world of Holy sign! You must ensure that the registry only which is set when selecting the “international world 2” world. According to the Many new players from around the world expect registration the player in addition to the familiar mix of different Rollenspielelemten and features such as arena fights, order battles and unique items just waiting that, to play, to act together with others and know each other to learn.

GameArt Studio: GameArt Studio GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2006 and quickly became one of the most innovative developers and publishers of so called browser games. Browser games are computer games where real players on the Internet participate with and against each other. Can be played for free via any Internet browser. GameArt Studio excited already about 5 million players worldwide with his four Holy?”, Bernadette, A.I. was” and glory wars”.