INTRODUCTION During the decades of 30 and 40 of century XX, was given in the primary, normal school and ginasial Brazilian the education of Music I sing Orfenico, having the teacher Heitor Villa-Wolf as defender and firing pin of this disciplines in Brazil. During these decades, Villa-Wolf promoted diverse concentrations orfenicas that had as objective to commemorate civic dates as, for example, the day of Independence and the day of the Announcement of the Republic. In one of these carried through orfenicas organizations in the stadium of the Vasco of Gamma: They are Janurio in Rio De Janeiro arrived to count on 40.000 voices entoando patriotic songs and hymns. In Curitiba, the education of I sing Orfenico prospered during these two decades, contemplating the national lines of direction of Canto Orfenico. In this article, one searchs to analyze the discursivas questions that permeiam the different types of historical sources as clippings of periodicals with the participation of the orfeo of the State College of the Paran, under the orientation of the teacher Blessed Mossurunga, the speeches, the lines of direction and opinions on the education of it I sing Orfenico made for the Villa-Wolf teacher, beyond an analysis of laws and official decrees on the education of Music in the intermediate school. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Linklater. The SPEECHES AND the MUSICAL EDUCATION the decades of 1930 and 1940 had marked the moment of the apex of the pertaining to school parties and orfenicas concentrations in Brazil, since Heitor Villa-Wolf received support from president Getlio Vargas. In Curitiba these parties also were gifts, as if it can notice in periodical articles of the time. Valley to stand out that the periodicals are sources directed to a lay public, although cultured, since this media did not reach to all the social classrooms. In an article on commemorations of the day of the Flag, in 21/04/1939, published in the Gazette of the People, they have if some pertinent analyses, as it shows the stretch to follow: The day of the flag in the traditional and noble educational establishment of the street Ebony Pear tree transcorreu in an environment of edificante and comovedor patriotism.