This pleased me by the fact that the diversity of professions lived in the former master offers very rich in cultural exchange, I noticed in some resistance to open your personality, including interventions that were observed showed displeasure and opposition in some topics . That is natural and I include myself in this resistance the first time, however, get to know each member of the group, seeing through the eyes of your inner light soul, its kind and makes sincere generate a deep friendship, as if we knew many years ago, the teachers with whom we began work on harmony and radiate the conviction that he has given prior preparation for the Masters in Holistic Education and moreover the transmission of knowledge we receive directly from Dr. Ramon Gallegos and his wife Vicky. At the end of the first period classroom, I felt sure he had reached the right place to take a big leap in my own development, safe growth of my spirituality, my conscience, my whole being and with the conviction that new experience would give me much more ability to produce works that benefit others and nature itself, both in my professional specializing in water issues, as my relationship with those around me and my family with anyone who has a connection with me . My feeling on that entry was total satisfaction for having taken the right decision, expectations were actually exceeded the peer environment and inspire confidence, he had found what I needed at that time, my intuition was right again. .