To review the collected bibliography over three semesters in the study I am doing masters in holistic education, begin with the experiences and knowledge that Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, same that US shares acquired in his bibliography on the road. Source: David G. DeWalt. To review, again I remember the beginnings of Dr. Gallegos, is entertaining and interesting how recounts his life from age 17 and would like to include all experiences; but aware that I have to cover all topics and each is rich in learning, I must be brief. This study I am doing, has made me grow as a person to see the human side of the family, colleagues, students and the community: the companions have asked. do so before how we’ve treated students; like what?. well, I think that it is not that we tried them as Martians or animals, but as people without feelings, without right of say, empty waiting for that I rellenaramos them of knowledge to be able to translate them into exams and the next day nor remember what replied, without taking into account precisely the human side and without sensitivity to be able to perceive the needs of people through the senses. I am now convinced that the evolution of consciousness, which we can contribute to a change of paradigm towards the holistic education can be achieved with these works I am leaving trail of my learning, my experiences, and as an invitation to readers who are interested in a mechanistic education leave and enter to an education that meets the totality of human beings to flourish in its entirety, and cater mainly emotional, spiritual and moral aspects of the human being and is not reduced to a cognitive and academic training, and as well mentions Dr. Nava, does not want that young people suffer what he, and therefore began to consider an education that was built on the human relationship where the curriculum outside life as we live it, and that they flourish in this education because not suffered from a cold and indifferent education.