No I have to say I was proud …. Not only for the comments of the authorities of SEP and Fine Arts, but for public comment in relation to the message, a respect for marriage and children, harmony and love that floated in the air the day presentation. Several parents came crying, saying they had seen the need to protect the planet. The authorities asked me learn more about the holistic approach that I outlined at the beginning of the presentation ….

This open door, must continue. The enthusiasm on the awareness of sustainability has come to the families, now houses the garbage is separated, are aware of the care of resources, the children became environmental ambassadors and that gave me great satisfaction. I know there have been great things for everyone. You my desired house, full of beauty and goodness, eternal Mother blankets us all on you gardens and flower gardens, beautiful horizons … air, rain, fire and earth, perfect and divine … mix that give rise to life.

vegetable garden that feeds my soul gifts, wonders you have in your hidden depths …. Oh my beautiful Earth!, As we’ve attacked, regain your fire, cleanse your waters and your fog …. since my land … we are many. thousands of these tiny creatures blankets with so much love And what happened to me these two years? It is very good question. Would have to ask those around me to respond more accurately. I feel that I became more independent, often more clearly, setting limits that before I know a lot.