In the present time, when the world passes for deep transformations and fast advances in the economic, social direction, technological politician and, the necessary school to speed walked its so that the education folloies this permanent process of mutation. It school to be inserted and articulated to the social context is necessary to think about dynamic, humanistic, formative and, above all democratic an education. It is not only the responsible one for social justice, but she needs through an efficient and coherent educative work to brighten up the inaqualities and to prepare the individual in the best way so that it if becomes a critical citizen e, above all, capable to face the adversities day to day. (Source: Richard Linklater). For this, the estimated ones theoretician-metodolgicos is essential for the good level of the process education and learning. She is necessary to reflect on the same ones when they are convenient for the enrichment of pedagogical practical ours.

Education does not consist of the unicity. The process to educate is collective and participativo, demands interaction to know, creation and desconstruo of concepts, discovery of new images and setting of others and makes possible in the act integrator collective singularidades/, the enraizamento of necessary primary concepts for the preservation of the social relations: ' ' Education is meeting of singularidades' '. (GALLO, 2008). In this manner, we will argue a proposal pedagogical for the education of History that if it does not arrest only to the facts, and that it has as main object the study of the concepts, providing new possibilities, beyond a process of evolution in the education and learning of the pupils and pupils, after all, through a critical vision of the concepts gifts in personal experience of each one, is born a bigger understanding of the proper reality. It fits to the professor and teacher of History, to rescue these experiences, to give sensible concrete to them and, to make possible the appropriation, on the part of pupils and pupils, making possible to them it understanding of such concepts for the life and, not simply to prepare pupils and pupils to enter the Facultieses.