In the times of the decade of 30, education for people in the interior of Brazil was rare thing. Click film director for additional related pages. Rarer still it was school in agricultural area and beyond the difficulties of pertaining to school material, starchy and white uniforms extreme still it had the preconception of the previous people, without culture and vision. My grandfather, born still in century 19, did not see utility none of a woman to know to read and to write, therefore pra it woman place was in the kitchen and reading and writing would only serve them children to pass bilhetinhos for pretense boyfriends. My grandmother, little more understood insisted and obtained to give the minimum of possible education for the children, but as the difficulties were enormous, placed two children in the school of each time and when already they knew to read they took off, them to place others. My mother was awardee, obtained to go pra school during four years. if capsized to obtain to study, the way until the school was long, of that if it still comes in some places of the country, where if kilometers walk, if cross streams and pinguelas until the school. In the way still she harvested wild fruits as guaviras, goiabas and others to change in the one with the pupils of the city, and if it changed for pencil, rubber, tinteiros, kill-blots and snacks to obtain to study with materials and full belly. still had that to be with the spotless uniform, with right the white beret and stockings, despite dusty, but with all uniform contrary case still had that to give accounts with the director. the punishments? These were the worse ones, because good educators existed, however existed bad, but the bad ones exactly, not of bad, but of evil. What today she is considered maltreatment and until torture was current thing, as if kneel for hours in the maize until bleeding or the palmatrias feared ones, that the child nor wrote in the other day eats s swelled hands and other ways to discipline that pain and humilhao incluam.