Education 50: education for the more mature generation our world is changing constantly and ever faster. This is exciting on the one hand, but on the other hand, the challenges for each one grow. Who would win the freedom actively to shape his life, will quickly identify: include lifelong learning, if one wants to use the own development chances. And in the private sphere as well as in the profession. This is true especially for the generation of over 50 years. You have reached an age where many back can take more time for themselves, because their children are often self-employed and professional activities become more flexible.

Education: a confusing selection is sheer also as easy as never to learn. The growing training market offers a wealth of educational content and methods. Even who has perceived learning as storing lifeless facts in school and vocational education, may at a later stage of life from the opportunities of modern, self-determined learning inspired leave. By the range of possibilities extends the planning of a professional boot over the care for your own health and to learn a foreign language. And it is used by more and more people, who have left their school years for decades behind. Because the belief you can’t teach Kashif “is obsolete now. Neuroscientists can prove today that intelligence through mental training can be increased even in old age. However: The opposite is also true! Just people of the generation 50plus therefore often search for learning opportunities that are tailored to their specific needs.

And also many providers have now focuses on this target group. But how can the interested in the jungle of different education offers find suitable offers of education and assess? And if possible provider independently? What criteria should he make his selection? And how can he get comprehensive background information on this topic? New website dedicated to the formation of the “more mature”generation A good opportunity the free website education from, founded among others by the Berlin diploma co-ordinators of Oliver Krumes in life here. Regardless of whether Lernbegeisterte want to connect the next holiday in the sunny South with the learning of a foreign language, if they finally find the time to press artistically or whether they want to start out maybe professionally again: on education from to detailed information as well as tips from experts can be found. Especially the testimonials of people who themselves are more mature generation, are worth reading. For over 50 years, who still do not know in which direction they want to educate themselves, education from also offers a lot of suggestions. Who knows how healthcare especially for appropriate employees new career prospects open up do? Watch what hiring managers in the selection of senior staff? What opportunities a senior Bachelor? And how in the sculpture as a best enters any hobby? Education off in clear, well-structured form provides this information and a variety of other ideas on the subject.