It reduces the ignorance and, therefore, it allows that the individuals have a clarified behavior. It assures the professional adjustment, therefore any profession requires considerable amount of knowledge, assuring the individual and collective progress, that all desire and whose promotion is mission of the responsible ones. It is in this scope that the reality of the school must be thought and mainly planned having its peculiar characteristics, so that the same one assumes the responsibility to act for the transformation and in the search of the social development. The participants of the pertaining to school community must pledge themselves in the elaboration of a proposal, so that the objectives tracings are materialize there. The participation of all the involved ones in day-by-day of the school and the taken decisions promotes a planning in which the diverse vises of the pertaining to school reality are inserted, making possible the presence of the democratic debate, favoring the execution of action through commitments constructed between those directly reached by the planning. Participativo acting is focado in the dialogue, the constant exposition of the interests and in the mutual agreement of the involved ones and whenever to feel the necessity of changes, them they must be assumed collectively.

The participativo planning is the process of the organization of the collective work of the school. That one carried through by a group of people is understood for collective, amongst managing them, professors, coordinators, pupils and employees. Whose work is pautado in the joint action of this team, around the social function of the school. The accomplishment of this collective becomes challenging task that demands persistence, patience and belief in that where if it desires to reach. The schools have assumed one weight each bigger time in the conception, planning and accomplishment of diverse activities in distinct levels of functioning. With the gradual agreement of these institutions as organizations endowed with autonomy, a class action becomes necessary to consolidate the improvement of the quality politics, pedagogical and administrative of the school.