The mechanism of the stupa was so simple that even at the level of development of civilization, has been available for use and repair "ignorant, lonely, unhappy old woman." Another example is likely much linguistic than historical: Potter and the Sorcerer. Word "Potter", formed from two words "persecute" and "enchantment." We have such people were called artisans that make vessels of clay. "Wizard" – "spell making." We have the word denotes the element of water wizard. But what made pottery Products: spinning round a table and pouring water all the time, the clay, the potter making a vessel, and sang with the spell. In some texts, the Bible about the Ark of the Covenant is mentioned certain device giving "manna heavenly.

" Intriguing is the device to its description: "… the skull, in which the two skulls, one above the other and one inside the other …" To understand what we mean, consider that in the era of the lack of geometric terminology, each people called or that the geometrical shape of the object name of the most common. The Slavs called spherical shape with apples, the Middle East (Jews) – skulls. Actually, the reference in text skull – is nothing like a ball. Now let's think: as a ball can be above the other, and one inside the other? It is very difficult to imagine, but if you parse it as an example of our resonator, we all get on place. In other words, these skulls represent no balls, and fluid in motion, and when they stop we get one fluid over another, and one inside the other. It should be noted that such obvious signs of separation can only be a fluids with significant differences in density.

In fact, we again have a mechanism that will come into resonance with the earth's field or a similar facility. Our contemporary, Edward Lidskalninsh, managed to build a multi-ton "Coral Castle" without a single modern lifting equipment. His record still can not decipher the scientists. Incidentally, the record deal Lidskalninsha resonance and model of the atom. When dealing with gravitational Edward generator must be oriented relative to the electromagnetic field created by the Earth's poles. What is said and accurate index of the North Star. (And how many such examples are scattered around the world – Culture megaliths). So, why is the "direct knowledge" were used throughout human history, modern science is shedding? But the fact is that even Niels Bohr, offering a planetary model of the atom, warned that he does not know as actually constructed atom! And for simplicity, have decided to use the planetary model (although it is not true). His followers took his model as the only true, and that entailed a lot of mistakes … Now imagine that human civilization does not discard the knowledge of the Earth's gravitational field, and uses it. In this case, the reality may transcend all fantasy fiction, and many of the secrets and mysteries of the human civilization will find their the only true solution.