The use of Computer science in the Education had beginning with the proper education of computer science in the schools and the use of computers. Later different areas had appeared of the knowledge that had started to use the different computer in levels and modalities, assuming functions really defined according to adopted educational trend. In accordance with Tajra (2008), Computer science in the Education passes for three stages in its cycle of learning: qualification properly said, exercitao and planning of new actions. The qualification properly said is when the professor assumes the pupil paper, therefore starts to have a professor of the area of educative computer science that will pass the technological contents that could inside be worked of a proposal pedagogical. It is important that the professor changes information and either motivated, being interesting that it dominates the basic slight knowledge of used the operational system and softwares, so that after to be enabled, mount its plans of lesson with the use of the learned tools exercising the assimilated contents. In the exercitao the professor passes in fact to give to its lessons using the computer as tool, placing in practical everything what he learned.

When already elaborated its plan of lesson in the previous phase, it is the moment to validate them and to have a more definite critical vision to consider improvements. The planning of new actions is after to exercise what it learned and having a more critical vision, is the moment to initiate the process and to be successful what before it he was unsafe. Having better planejamentos of its lessons and incorporating the available technologies in the proposal pedagogical defined for the school. In such a way, professors will be constantly in recycling, therefore with the great technological evolution he makes with that it looks new softwares educational for enrichment of its lessons. The professor also must go beyond; to take its pupils the reflections, understanding and formalizao of the concepts inlaid in softwares.