Those who were able to maintain sanity and ability to realistically assess developments admitted he had a keen mind, courage, skill and courage, combined with caution and great cunning. " Affected the extent of political, military and diplomatic activities of the statesman, contemporaries frequently compared him with the cruel leader of the Huns, Attila, famous Carthaginian commander Hannibal, terrible Tamerlane, an Italian political philosopher Machiavelli. Polish King Jan ii Casimir, who fall 1648 came to the throne is not without its participation, or saw him as a threat "throughout the Christian world," or identify a hasty willingness to provide a place in the Senate of the Commonwealth. If the magistrates that the Moldovan people acted "troublemaker of all nations", the renowned figure of English bourgeois revolution of the first half of xvii century, Oliver Cromwell saw him as generalissimo, a courageous ruler Cossacks implacable enemy of the Polish gentry. Here's how he wrote about Prosper Merimee: " elect a guide small nation surrounded by powerful neighbors, the man has devoted his life to fighting for the independence of it. He razbrat deftly planted in the enemy camp, managed to strengthen the unity of the regiments, was a fearless warrior, a deep-thinking politician, happy with the victory, persistent and resolute in the failures.

" Liberation war of Ukrainian people was an important event in the political life of Europe in the mid xvii. Europe at that time was divided into two camps, Catholic and Protestant. could not ignore this.