Church a voice that is not silent. While it will not be arrebatada, the body of Christ With its members is the voice of God in the world. (Deuteronmio 29:29) – The hidden things belong to Mr. our Deus, however the disclosed ones in forever belong we and our children to them, so that let us fulfill to all the words of this law. (Efsios 3:10) – So that now, for the church, it multiforms it wisdom of God is known of the principalities and powers in skies, I want to deal with in this article the importance to the directed studies and the cooperation Christian theological sources that for the diverse media a very important paper in the churches has made, with seminaries, theological facultieses and other media, as literatures and spreading in accessible Internet to who if to interest. The importance of the directed studies: The directed study it is important either in any area of good education, mainly when one is about the study of the Word of God, when in its classrooms the church or an institution evanglica makes magazine use or until ways of studies that come from a healthful source of education, since books, sets of documents, extracted text of the Internet This aid very the professors of the Christian theology, is clearly that the first source must be the faithful Bible for if in all its formation, therefore an extracted study of a source of literary communication or medias of the Internet must be faithful the Holy Writs. Not ha nothing of extraordinary shepherd or deacon or professor of school Biblical To use aid of texts already existing and you copy nobody that he gives Word not can to say that not ensinador had or master, that never learned in school same that is of the church, that did not make a seminary or a Christian theological college, despite always it goes to extract sermon of the writing, this must be yes hearing others and learning with people more experienced in the ministry, therefore God we gave people stops also helping in them in educations, would be great magnificent somebody to say that already he knows everything does not need nobody to assist it.