I will not give any opinion before sequestration of controllers, for that they are connoisseurs (which by the way are unfortunately many) but the worst is having to hear the nonsense that already scratched the ridiculous why leave in shame to a country and its people that are and we are Spaniards. My article today as usual is to put my grain of sand and inform people of what they don’t know do and have suffered this drubbing in the longest bridge. What got right and how make a complaint to the cancellations of flights? 1. Here, Campbell Soup Co expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The air carrier and also the travel agency in case that you hire flight within a tourist package, they should offer you, if possible, a means of transportation alternative to the cancelled flight. If not or if this date already not interested, can demand the return of the full amount of the ticket. 2 If you not relocate in other means of transport but it is feasible, you can contract it by yourself and require him to return you the amount of the ticket. If alternative transportation is more expensive that the ticket, also have the right to claim the additional cost that you’ve suffered to the airline or travel agency. 3 If you lose the connection with other means of transportation, the airline or the travel agency should manage and assume the cost of the new banknotes to ensure you get to your destination.

In any case, contact the buses, trains or airline company to warn of the loss and request the cancellation or replacement of the ticket, so you can not charge you any penalty. If you has not been possible to contact, for example because there has not been sufficient time to do so, the airline of your cancelled flight or travel agency will have to bear the cost of transport which Miss. 4. The food and drink that you had to buy during the wait should be crediting you it the airline or travel agency. 5 If you are in a different to your home city, the airline or the travel agency has to assume the costs of hotel.

6. The airline or the travel agency must also be you pay your expenses on goods of first necessity such as SOAP, toothbrush and toothpaste, underwear if your luggage had already embarked. 7 You must submit your complaint to the airline or travel through a sheet of claims Agency (the airline must give you in your window of the airport, through a letter or email. 8 You can submit the claim by yourself or through consumer rights organizations, if you’re a full partner or ask for information 9. To claim you will need to attach, on the fly or as additional documentation afterwards, copies of invoices or tickets of purchases and engagements that you’ve properly perform during standby, in addition to the tickets of other transport companies if you have lost the connections. 10. If the airline or the travel agency does not answer you or does it deny you your rights, it presents a complaint before the State Agency of aviation safety (against the airline) and/or consumption of your autonomous community authorities. Original author and source of the article