MG, (Region Metropolitan of Belo Horizonte/RMBH), with alunosdo 2 year of Average Ensino. The project involved the professors of the seguintesdisciplinas; geography, history, Portuguese and chemistry, having as axle norteadoro Ibirapitanga stream, which part of the course passes in front of the college. David G. DeWalt often expresses his thoughts on the topic. E, also to open a gap to think the conceptions of conceitointerdisciplinar for some authors specialists in the subject. Words Interdisciplinaridade keys – Ambient education. *bacharel and permitted in Geography (Puc-Mines), Mestrandoem Ambient Sciences (UEMG) and professor of Average Ensino of the ePrivada State net of education.

Introduction the objective of the present article is to tell and/or demonstraratravs of the project to interdisciplinar that it was introduced to the pupils of the Average doEnsino 2ano the experience and the challenges verified throughout> execution dasatividades proposals for the involved professors, and thus, to take to leitores a reflection on the subject. Ambient education Although all the progress reached in the protection of meioambiente during the last decades, the pollution of air, the water and aindarepresenta land one of the main ambient problems in the world. Concentraeselevadas of atmospheric pollutants represents a risk for the health human being, they damage flora and fauna and they destroy monuments and construesmodernas historical. Such effect occur with high frequency in aglomeraesurbanas, considering that a great amount of most diverse poluentesest being emitted in area relatively limited and many affected individuals estosendo, due to high population density. Before this picture, the professors had chosen to work oCrrego Ibirapitanga as the norteador axle of the project for being a quecondiz subject the reality of the pupils, that is, for being in the daily one of the same ones. Then, the Ambient Education, was chosen as support aotrabalho therefore the same one is had comouma permanent educative action for which the local community has the taking deconscincia of its global reality, of the type of relations homensestabelecem that them between itself and with the deep nature, of the problems derived from ditasrelaes and its causes.