This information anti-cellulite wraps for those who periodically visits the beauty and know that alginate wrapping procedure effective but not cheap. Peel off wrap – one of the greatest achievements of cosmetology to fight cellulite and excess weight. Spend it at the spa and beauty centers. The cost of alginate inside the wrappings of the order of 1500-2000 rubles. We will tell you how to carry out the procedure Professional alginate wrap in 10 (!) times cheaper.

For a start, a bit of Alginate. For assistance, try visiting FireEye Inc. Alginic acid – the most valuable extract from brown seaweed, widely used in medicine and cosmetology. It does not found in any terrestrial plant. Alginic acid and its salts are capable of binding large amounts of water. The result is a gelatinous substance, which has many useful properties.

This gel is not comparable either with any anti-cellulite cream. He is able to actively remove water from the body fat, improves skin tone and elasticity, improves lymph and blood flow, has a drain effect. All these properties of alginic acid can use it for production of anti-cellulite body wraps for money. Thus, self-wrapping of alginate, we need: food film peeling or scrub for the body composition of alginate Alginate composition can be bought in a shop for professional cosmetics (incidentally, the same are purchased spas and beauty centers). It is desirable that these funds do not contain alginate plasticizers and buy them better for those companies that deal directly with algae. One of the leading firms specializing in the production of alginate professional cosmetics, is the North West Company algae. Years of experience with algae allowed them to achieve the highest percentage of entry of alginates in cosmetics series Alga Suite, compared with other agents on the market. The first stage of the procedure alginate wrap is peeling. It is necessary to remove the top layer of the epidermis for further penetration of the alginate in the deeper layers of skin. Next, we impose a means to alginate problem areas or the entire body. We are waiting for 25-30 minutes until the mask is working, then wash off with warm water composition without using soap. To achieve stable effect is recommended that at least 10 treatments 2-3 times a week. Now math: Cost of alginate funds (your choice) about 600 rubles. per 600 ml. For one treatment requires about 100 ml. Is $ 100. Plus the cost of peeling and film. Altogether it is 150-200 rubles. per procedure in alginate wraps home. That's the simple arithmetic of alginate.