Mario Canedo L. 30 years and with an extensive police record, he met Cano Lorena g. in an Internet Chat. Months later he convinced her to hire a life insurance and kidnapping crossed worth 360,000 euros. He would be the beneficiary of your policy and she of the of the.

His plan was to make pass another girl by Lorraine and faked her kidnapping in Colombia to collect the two so the money. Responsible for the insurance company confirmed that both were presented in his Office on two occasions as a couple, so it was not surprised that each would be the beneficiary of the insurance of the other. Shortly afterwards, in December 2003, Mario made a homemade explosive and hid it in a pair of glasses like those used in the solarium, and convinced Lorena to accompany him to the campus of Gijon. He told her that he had had problems with some University and that he needed to find his vehicle to avenge them. He showed him the glasses and told her that they were equipped with a tracking system. When they reached a secluded area and Lorena was manipulated sunglasses, Mario fled from the place and triggered the detonator of the pump. Fortunately, part of the device placed on the pin of a glass failure and Lorena could out alive but suffered serious injuries all over the body, leaving her shattered right hand. At first Lorena was afraid to denounce Mario and told police what had exploded in his hand was a rubber ball that was found on the ground.

But confessed the truth to her ex-boyfriend and Mario Canedo was arrested. During the police search in house of Mario C. found several cartridges blanks and other caliber 9 that could have removed the gunpowder with which manufactured the explosive. In addition to tape insulator and welding apparatus, various types of glasses were also found. Both the own Lorena and others who knew Mario assured that this was habitual consumer of hashish and cocaine. Some sources even suggest that the high standard of living that the young man wore was something that could afford for his supposed business of drug trafficking.