It says so, the lack of teaching under conditions of uncertainty, demonstrating the relationship between competition in practice and professional knowledge from a reverse perspective. ARTISANS OF THE TEACHING taught how the great masters of yesteryear without formal academic programs without clear methodological system? How he taught his disciple the potter's work on ceramics and pottery? How does the carpenter managed to convey to his heir the detailed work of the wood? The a profesionalizaciona , at least in certain connotations, was a substitution of art for systematic knowledge, preferably scientific. Re-establish that share intelligence and improvisation inherent in the practice needed is a new school challenge before us, among others, Donald Schon: return the concept of arte of ensenanzaa , focusing on the aprender doing, and guiding students, a good deed through mentoring, encouraging the production of a dual curriculum in vocational schools, to provide legitimacy for the training of professionals. Reflection "NY ACCI" N in the search for a response to the question that wields this document on how to prevent the teaching task in a routine becomes empty, devoid of meaning and purpose, we find the concept of a practicum reflexivoa Schon proposed. This concept must be understood as practices that aim to assist students to obtain essential art forms to be competent. Adding to this concept, a expresses the action conocimiento , referring to insight that revealed in the intelligent actions of human beings, whether observable from the outside or confined to private operations.