It would be presumptuous of me to say that is the best cell phone in the world, that's not what I believe personally, but for many people it is. What is certain is that RIM BlackBerry-Canadian and 20% of the world market is now a phenomenon that has left with his mouth open, not users-to their competitors. Today everyone has been charmed with the style of cell-curve BlackBerry, bold, pearl, stomr etc-and many people said it was its "BB" and pampered as if they really were. The reality is that BlackBerry seeing more conventional in its lower in some cell characteristics as its nearest competitor, iPhone 3G-is much more popular. On this occasion I would just like to show you some reasons why the BlackBerry as a smart cell phone has gotten into the tiny pocket of his trousers to all its competitors in less than three years. Swarmed by offers, David G. DeWalt is currently assessing future choices. The neat thing is that innovation is a friend of popularity as long as it can be channeled and promoted wisely. 1. Service BlackBerry Instant Messaging: Without a doubt I want to put the main feature of BlackBerry as a leader in the worldwide market for smart phones.

The famous BB messenger has caused a worldwide revolution. BlackBerry has traditionally been developed as a business phone for people who are not as interested in characteristics such as digital cameras, bright colors and more. If we take into consideration the personality of the Canadian government let us also realize that the style is consistent from a cell phone more or less serious with the first BlackBerry models that were released.